• Emilio Saluzzi

    Emilio Saluzzi is regarded as one of the most innovative living automobile artists. His dramatic works are reminiscent of the Italian Futurist movement, led by Giacomo Balla (1871-1958) almost a century ago, which paved the way for a generation of Art Deco illustrators. His geometric angular style, coupled with skilful use of airbrush and 'splatter', endow his poster artworks with a memorable flourish.

  • Katrine Köhli

    Katrine Köhli, one of an exciting generation of up-and-coming illustrators, is a resident of Valais, Switzerland, a valley bounded by the mightiest snow-ranges in the Alps. An intelligent and committed observer of Alpine scenery and its romantic associations, Katrine Köhli 'loves the way the light, the weather and the seasons continually transform the mountain landscape.' Her finely conceived commissions for Pullman Editions are in a class of their own.

  • Dexter Brown

    Dexter Brown is widely acknowledged as one of the finest of all automotive artists. Since his debut in 1963, the British-born artist has exhibited to critical acclaim worldwide. Under the pseudonym of De Bruyne, he also paints romantic Impressionistic pictures of the Edwardian era. Dexter has enjoyed a long association with the Pullman Gallery for over 25 years, and his unique commissions for Pullman Editions powerfully reveal his informed eye and keen artistic sensibility.

  • Charles Avalon

    Our principal house artist and a prolific graphic designer of real talent, he has contributed to advertising campaigns around the world for over three decades. His work has a strongly Modernist feel, reflecting the unrivalled freedom of form offered by the poster format and his unique vision of the Art Deco style defines his series of compositions for Pullman Editions.