1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4

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Artist: Emilio Saluzzi
Item Ref: PEL204
Unframed, 100% cotton paper.
Limited edition of 280
Dimensions: 97 x 63.5 cms

Price £420.00 inc. UK sales tax

The Judgment of Paris: the ultimate dream represented by the 275 GTB/4, acclaimed on its launch at the 1966 Paris Salon, and one of the last bespoke road and race berlinettas in the great Ferrari tradition. The superlative 3.3-litre, V-12, of enterprisingly advanced design, was fashioned by Pininfarina and bodied by Sergio Scaglietti. “Pinin has led the renaissance in Italian automobile styling”, said Enzo Ferrari. For many Ferraristi, the distinctively elegant coupe was the finest production Ferrari of them all. “Ferrari”, remarked Scaglietti, “wanted a new car every day.”

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