Ferrari Dino 246 gt – Bonne Route pour la Méditerranée

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Artist: Charles Avalon
Item Ref: PEL402
Unframed, 100% cotton paper.
Limited edition of 280
Dimensions: 97 x 63.5 cms

Price £420.00 inc. UK sales tax

Just cruising: A study of a Ferrari Dino cruising alongside the Mediterranean sea, rousing memories of the pleasure of open-top driving ‘en vacances’. The name ‘Dino’ honours the founder’s late son, Alfredino ‘Dino’ Ferrari, who was credited with the design of the V6 engine. Along with famed engineer, Vittorio Jano, Dino influenced Enzo Ferrari’s decision to produce a line of racing cars in the 1950s, with V6 and V8 engine designs. The ‘Dino’ brand was created to market a lower priced, affordable sports car, and became forever linked to the French Riviera as the chosen wheels of Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) in The Persuaders in 1970.

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