Supercars in Knightsbridge

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Artist: Charles Avalon
Item Ref: PEL333
Unframed, 100% cotton paper.
Limited edition of 280
Dimensions: 97 x 63.5 cms

Price £420.00 inc. UK sales tax

Luxury living: In his unmistakable Art Deco style, Charles Avalon has depicted the iconic Harrods building with its pronounced green awnings, lit up at dusk. Arguably the world’s most famous ‘corner shop’, Harrods offers a shopper’s paradise, with luxury brands occupying over one million square feet of retail space. London’s Knightsbridge district is now synonymous with the finest and most striking supercars, which cruise its streets in the summer months. To make the scene thoroughly modern, Charles has included an array of colourful supercars, including a La Ferrari, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes SLS, McLaren F1, Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche Spyder.

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