Val d’Isère: ‘Off-piste Skier’

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Artist: Katrine Köhli
Item Ref: PEL124
Unframed, 100% cotton paper.
Limited edition of 280
Dimensions: 97 x 63.5 cms

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The Winter’s Tale: a high-altitude glacial resort, Val d’Isère is one of Europe’s principal winter playgrounds. The rugged mountains at the top of the striking Tarantaise Valley and deep snow terrain attracts dedicated skiers of every stripe, seeking the best offpiste skiing in France. A resort renowned for ‘death-defying’ chutes and off-piste walls, set against a backdrop of traditional chalet-style architecture. The unique charm of skiing lies in the fact that the skier, unlike the tobogganer, is not confined to a limited run, and can venture where a man or woman on foot would sink hopelessly in deep snow.

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