About Us


Pullman Editions is the sister company of London's Pullman Gallery, renowned for many years as the leading specialist dealer in important original vintage posters.

The last few decades have seen enormous growth in the vintage poster market. Specialist dealers and auction houses have served this growing community of collectors, with the inevitable result of prices growing steadily as demand increases for a product with only a finite supply. Vintage Winter Sports posters from the 1920s and 1930s for example, comfortably achieve five-figure sums at auction, with the finest posters reaching as much as £30,000 on the rare occasions they become available, excluding them to all but the wealthiest collectors.

Posters - once described as 'a visual shout' - proved an attractive, effective means of promotion and 'at-a-glance' display. Poster display was never more inspired than in the Art Deco period, when posters graced station platforms and billboards to persuade affluent and adventurous travellers to enjoy the newly-fashionable modern luxury travel. The vast majority of these classic posters were destroyed when replaced by other posters - it is the handful of surviving vintage posters that today fetch such dramatic prices.

It is to meet demand from both enthusiastic collectors and admirers of Art Deco, for stylish, decorative yet affordable posters - original works, NOT reproductions - that Pullman Editions was launched. Having collected and dealt in the finest vintage posters for many years, the knowledge and experience we have gained has enabled us to design unique new artworks featuring the very best elements of Art Deco.